Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Art of Book Cover Design @JolleyTotsPhoto #ASMSG

Having recently relaunched my Redcliffe novels series with new cover designs, I am in the process of working through my back catalogue and carefully planning any design work for new books that I have in progress. It is understood that humans are visual beings, for the most part. We take in the physical appearance of things, people and pictures when we make our initial judgement about whether to approach, touch or interact. 


This is very important for book cover design, and I knew this right from the start, but budget restrictions were a factor. Anyway, as time wore on and the book industry changed again, so have our attitudes and understanding of common practice. A very good friend of mine is a big fan of the Redcliffe novels series, and she happens to be an accomplished professional photographer. She offered to design the cover for my new novel Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel), because apparently, she had something very specific in mind. Since I was mostly clueless about the visual aspect of my new book, I gladly accepted her offer. And I love the result!

Today I would like to take the opportunity to showcase the work of NEJ Photography. Based in Herefordshire, Natalie specialises in portrait and boudoir photography, local events and business portfolios, and she is now dabbling in book cover and digital art design. I have already commissioned her to create a new cover for my self-published novel The Vampire of Blackpool, and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with… no doubt it will be a Gothic masterpiece!

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  1. Yes the covers are brill, she knows her stuff!

    1. She certainly does! Just wait until you see what she has planned for The Vampire of Blackpool... ;)