Monday, 1 April 2019

Finding Time to Write

Last week I wrote about all the writing prompts I have jotted in old notebooks. When I dug those notebooks out of my drawer, I left two of them on the table where I sit down to work. I planned to use some of the notes during the week, but time somehow ran away from me. My work has gotten busy in other areas, and it means I spend most of my day running to and fro, and then I have to collect the children from school and help them with homework, activities and whatever else they need.

I still have a couple of mostly free days in which to work, and there are the evenings, but lately I find I’m too exhausted by time I get the children into bed. I used to sit up until the early hours working on my computer, but I simply cannot manage that these days. Still, I’m not worried. I have several books in progress, both fiction and non-fiction, but there is no urgency to complete them. They will be done when I am good and ready. And my notebooks will wait…

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