Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love Hurts; Love Kills; Love Redeems - Happy Valentine's Day! #amreading

I never understood the concept of being in love.  It always seems like such a big deal and yet everywhere you look you see people getting their hearts broken, scorned women and cheating men.  Practically every TV show, film or novel has some sort of love theme running through it.  People thrive on relationships; they chase each other for romance, for excitement, or simply to be together.  They argue, fight, make up, and break up. I have seen a lot of people hurt by love and then I have seen a few people who are happy with it.  The whole subject confuses me, it frightens me, and because I don’t understand it, I don’t miss it and I certainly don’t chase it.


Don’t get me wrong; love must be worth fighting for because everyone always seems to be chasing it.  But not me.  No, I decided after my parents died and my family abandoned me that I would look after number one before anyone else.  Then I met Liz and developed love of a different kind, love for my best friend, my sister.  I made an exception and vowed to always protect her no matter what.  But when it came to men, not a chance.  I wasn’t interested.  I didn’t need romance, and I didn’t need a relationship.

  Then I met Jack Mason and his brother Danny.  All of my carefully built defences came crashing down around me.  Love is dangerous and painful.  Love is confusing and exhausting.  Love will get you killed.  Yet despite everything I find myself going back for more, unable to break free of this trap.  My life was normal and happy and successful before I met the Mason brothers.  Then they showed me what I had been lacking and what I needed to truly be fulfilled.  So let me tell you the story, about a picturesque seaside town in South Western England, and the secrets of its seemingly innocent inhabitants…

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