Friday, 18 May 2012

The Loneliness of the Indie Author

My computer was buzzing quietly in the corner. I had been online earlier in the day to push some last minute promotions on the usual social network sites. “Coffee Time Romance presents…Catherine Green… Tonight!” This, along with other, similar banners of excitement. Putting my daughter to bed early, I hurriedly returned to my computer, sat down, and prepared to get stuck in.

Nothing. Not one whisper of an audience. Not one word of support or interest from anybody. In my imagination I could picture the scene if this were not conducted in the virtual world. I sit behind a table in a dimly lit community centre. The room is small and square, with rows of empty chairs sitting before me. I sit on a slightly raised platform, a stage of sorts, with my books on the table and my hopes and dreams laid out before me.

Nobody comes. No-one has time to see what this particular Indie author has to offer today. I sit at my computer, checking both my email and the Yahoo group in which I have eagerly posted my prepared speeches and promotional material. In my imagination, a tumbleweed rolls across the room before me. I sigh heavily, take a sip of water from my glass, stretch my arms above my head, and lean back in my chair. There is still time. Somebody will surely be along soon, even if they are just curious about who is in the room?

Back in my dining room and I am sitting at the computer. Fortunately this is the virtual world, and I don’t sit here idly waiting for some attention. Instead I do some busy work, and check the group just on the off chance that someone might have logged in. Actually I have been rather productive this evening. I am always more active at night. Perhaps I share some of the nocturnal traits of my favourite vampire characters. Maybe it is because I find it easier to work once my toddler is in bed.

Anyway, I have typed up a couple of blog posts. I have checked through my emails. And I intend to do some more work on the final edit for Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) before I go to bed. Oh, and I might find time to write a little bit more of Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel)… I love my job!

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