Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#ReadMe – Dangerous Liaisons in Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) - #HDH

Hello and welcome to the Hump Day Hook. Today I share an excerpt from my first novel Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel), at the beginning of Jessica and Jack’s fated relationship…

“Perhaps you would be wise to take a breather in your relationship.” Simon said, “I knew that Jack was licensed for firearms; it’s part of his job, and Danny’s.  But I would’ve expected him to tell you if he was carrying to prevent something like this happening.” He continued, “To be honest I’m almost as angry as you.  Please Jessica, believe me when I say that the Mason brothers are trouble.  They don’t mean to be, but they will cause you more grief if you continue this relationship with Jack.  It will be worse now that Danny is back in town.  And I’m not just saying that to get you away from them.  As your friend I am concerned for you, I don’t like seeing you upset.”

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    1. Hi Mina, which group was that then? OK I will take a look thanks.

  2. very good hook I am definetely Hooked. I want to knwo more about the brothers and why she is being warned off!