Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Very Happy Book Launch

Last weekend saw the official launch of my fourth novel, The Darkness of Love. I didn’t have a big party, mainly because I never found time to organize it. Actually I am quite a novice in the world of book marketing, and I have no budget to cover the costs of professional PR. Everything I do is based on my own observations and what I have learned through experience and from my peers on social networks. I also glean lots of advice and information from my monthly Writing Magazine.

Anyway, the event took place in my local cafĂ©, Drinks and Bites at 35. I am very grateful to the owners, Holly and Gemma, for very kindly offering me some space and time in order to promote my books. We all share the same vision for getting  out in the community together, but my priority at the moment has to be providing for my family and doing what I can to supplement my husband’s income. Ah, the joys of money!

I was very pleased to see some old friends who managed to come and visit, and I appreciate the support of everyone that came to see me. I know some people were unable to attend but I received lots of supportive messages, and it all helps. Being a writer can be a very lonely existence, even when I am surrounded by demanding children. Sometimes I just need someone to recognise me for my talent, not for my genetic legacy. I know there are lots of mothers out there who are nodding in agreement right now.

Well, the event was a success. I sold some books, I talked to some people, I gave out leaflets advertising my websites and my work. Now it is the waiting game as I watch my readership  grow, which in turn leads to more royalties. It is not all about the money of course. I love writing. I love sharing my books with the world. I am very proud of my achievements regardless of whether I receive international acclaim for my efforts. But ultimately we live in a world that is ruled by the need for money. If I have more money, I can spend it on the small business’ around me, and that will keep the economy moving. We have to see the bigger picture, and we must support each other where we can.

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