Monday, 13 January 2014

Being a Writer vs Being a Mother

I am really struggling to write anything at the moment. It is such a strange feeling, because in the space of three years I wrote and published 4 novels and 3 short stories. My Muse was shouting at me constantly so that I always had some form of dialogue or story running circles in my mind, until it was written down. I have notebooks full of scribbled excerpts, blog ideas, story ideas, and even prompts to help me out on occasions like this. Yet with all of this material, I have nothing to say.

What  is this bizarre affliction? Is it writers' block? Is it laziness? Or is it something much more simple; children? Ha ha, that made you stop. Yes, I blame the children. Not that they have done anything wrong, you understand. My biological clock was ticking and so while I was frantically writing my masterpieces of literary fiction (or rather, commercial paranormal fiction), I was also incubating and birthing children. I now have a very active 3 year old daughter, and a very demanding but totally adorable 5 month old daughter.

During the Christmas holiday I took time to rest and recuperate after a very hectic year in 2013. I spent some time thinking about my situation and mulling over my options. Where could I fit in time to write and continue to develop my professional career? Ultimately I decided that it is not feasible right now. Technically I am still on maternity leave, and I have the luxury of a husband whose job pays the bills, so for now I will focus on my family and leave my notebooks alone. I will still write. I intend to develop my blogs more and update them regularly throughout the year. I will also return to my manuscripts and story prompts as and when I find the time and energy. I am still a writer, but I am also a mother, and that is my priority right now.

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  1. Being a mother is the most important job, as you are saying. You won't regret it. The stories, characters, and words will still be there to manifest as you have time and energy. Good thoughts and hugs to you and your precious family.

  2. Hi Catherine,
    You know what? Hats off to you! At least you've taken the time to sort out your priorities and accepted what needs to come first. You see it all the time now-a-days of people doing an impossible juggling act and refusing to accept reality when it's blatantly there.
    I really do applaud you! I hope you enjoy your rest and with you and your family all the best!
    Hopefully we'll hear from you soon!

    Mary Lou x

    1. Aww, thank you so much Mary Lou for your kind words! I think lots of people are beginning to reconsider their priorities in life now and we will all be far happier for those refreshing choices in the long term. I'm still here, just not as often as before.. ; )