Monday, 5 March 2018

Life Adventures give Inspiration

I am in hospital. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to be exact. My eldest daughter was admitted at the weekend in a flurry of chaos following a short illness. You can read the full story over on my pagan housewife blog, but for now I will share a little about my experience.

We have become familiar with visiting hospitals during the past four years when my father-in-law had a serious cycling accident. Now I am experiencing the life of a patient, a child patient to be exact. My daughter is 7 and wants me with her throughout the whole unpleasant experience, so I am camping beside her hospital bed. All of the activity, the various departments we have visited, the two hospitals and the associated flurry of chaos, has been like fuel for my writer brain. It will go into my novels at some point in the future. I will give my characters elements of the people I have met, I will use the locations as settings, and all sorts of other little features that help to build a story. Even in the darkest times, we can create magic.

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