Monday, 14 May 2018

Spring, Romance and Steam #freebooks

Are you a voracious reader? Are you in need of a book-boyfriend? Are you looking for a toe-curling romance? Do you feel like there are not enough of 'your kinda of books' out there?

Well, fear not. Fantasia Book World is the prelude to bringing all of your fantasies to a soaring high.  Welcome to the repository of Romance eBooks all available for free.  Download as many as you want.  What do you have to do: Just choose your book and sign up to have it delivered to either your email or your kindle depending on the platform on which it is hosted.

New books are added every month and we organize loads of Giveaways throughout the year.  So, be sure to sign up to the Fantasia Newsletter to get the latest, hottest and most awesome deals!

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