Monday, 3 December 2018

Writers Block Won’t Stop Me

I never believed in writers’ block, and I still don’t. What I do believe is that sometimes we just don’t feel the inspiration to write, unless we sit down and force ourselves to make a start. I have been procrastinating with a short story that I needed to write for an upcoming anthology. It only needed to be about 5000 words, and it needed a holiday romance theme, not too heavy on the sex, and certainly not violent. I really struggled!

 I featured the vampire Meredith Hanson from Vampire of Blackpool, since the anthology is a showcase of authors that will attend Books on the Beach 2019, in Blackpool. She is a very old vampire, and she is in love with a witch. There is bound to be some kind of struggle, surely? Well, eventually I sat down with the intention of starting the story, and within a couple of days, I had a first draft. Now I need to read through and see if it makes sense. Wish me luck!

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