Monday, 30 September 2019

I Read a Lot, I Read a Little

Do you belong to a local book club? I do. We have been meeting now for quite a few years, and the women at book club bring a welcome distraction from mummy life. I mean, some of them have children as well, but once a month when we attend book club, we are individuals and we talk about books. Sometimes we talk about movies and TV shows as well, depending on the subject of conversation. It is always enjoyable, and I always come away feeling more cheerful than when I go in.

Our recent book club reading list has been quite heavy-going. We have read books including The Choice (Auschwitz and its aftermath), A Little Life (childhood abuse and lasting mental illness), and now A Thousand Splendid Suns (the Taliban regime). All of these books would not be my first choice for reading material. I generally read paranormal or supernatural stories, historical sagas and women’s fiction. So, I am glad that book club encourages me to try new books. And sometimes I am glad that the decision has been made for me, because I really struggle to pick my next book when I have so many to choose from! Admittedly I haven’t begun reading A Thousand Splendid Suns yet, but I will do. I have had a few weeks where life gets in the way, my mood is a bit strange, and I just didn’t feel like reading something so serious. What reading mood are you in this week?

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