Thursday, 23 August 2012

Book Promotion and the Indie Author

I feel a little frustrated this morning. No, I feel very frustrated actually. My Redcliffe novels are not selling as well on Amazon as they were earlier in the month, and although I understand that the Author Central feature is not always completely accurate, I use it as a guide in the absence of regular sales figures. My books do sell in other formats, but Amazon is still the most popular, probably because it is the most accessible.

Like most of my fellow author friends, I simply do not have the money to pay for promotional advertisements in big publications and on popular websites. All I can do at the moment is flog my wares across the free social networks, and keep trying to build a fan base using Twitter and Facebook. It is working. My numbers have increased significantly during the last 3 months alone. But it isn't good enough. I want to be an international bestseller. That is my ultimate goal. And dammit, I will succeed!

So, what do I try next? My plan now is to do another round of letters to literary agents, and try to get my books sold to a big publishing house that can afford to promote me. I know this is a very long shot. I also know that it isn't always as straightforward as that. All I can do is try. At the very least my books will seep into the public consciousness if I keep on talking about them to anyone and everyone. Never give up. Never back down.

If anyone has suggestions on how I could promote my books more effectively, or any advice based on personal experience, please do let me know. I am eager to learn, eager to expand, and when I do finally have some spare cash, I am willing to spend it on advertising. I am also not averse to assistance with funding from a willing benefactor or organization... just saying!

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