Monday, 4 February 2013

Embrace the Small Victories; Being a Writer

Today I have experienced a couple of moments of pure egotistic pleasure and have embraced those moments. The first came when I was in a local town with my friend at lunchtime, and she wanted to visit the Waterstones bookstore. I never say no to an offer like that! Anyway, we wandered into the shop and I breathed in the delicious scent of all those beautiful books. Then I walked over to the paranormal fiction section and began searching for my favourite author, Laurell K Hamilton. She wasn't there! I was horrified!

But, what did I see instead? I saw a row of books neatly stacked, all with black covers and dark images to represent their respective paranormal stories. I saw books by Rachel Cain, Kelly Armstrong, and Kim Harrison, who I have read before and quite enjoyed. A huge grin spread across my face when I recognized the vibrant orange cover of a book entitled Love Hurts. And the author? Me, of course! There I was, nestled in amongst the New York Times best sellers and authors who had shaped my literary life during my early twenties. Cool!

OK, so it was only a small store, in a small town in the North of England. And the reason for my book sitting on that shelf was because I did a book signing event to promote it when it was first published. Still, my book is in that store, and will one day be purchased by an eager new reader. I find that thought very encouraging, very exciting and a little nerve wracking. But generally, I am just happy to see my books featured on the shelves of a national bookshop chain. And one day, they will be in the window displays, and stacked up by the door, as the world realizes how valuable and exciting the Redcliffe novels really are!

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