Wednesday, 11 September 2013

#ReadMe – The Darkness of Love by Catherine Green - #HDH

Hello and welcome to the Hump Day Hook. Here is an excerpt from my new book, Victorian vampire novel The Darkness of Love.

     “Walk me to my room, Marcus,” Lady Amelia purred beside him.
      Marcus jumped, startled out of his reverie.
      “Yes, of course my Lady.” he replied, flustered.
      Lady Amelia laughed, and the sound echoed in Marcus’ head and sent shivers of anticipation up and down his spine.  He glanced at the powerful woman beside him.  She was enchanting, like a forbidden fruit that would taste delicious but would cost you your life.  Her lips were full, pouting, and a rich red colour.  Her eyes sparkled dangerously, promising mischief and delight.  And her pale bosom heaved above its tight corset of deep blue velvet.  Marcus’ mind switched back to earthly pleasures, and he felt the familiar stirrings of lust.  It had been a very strange evening all things considered.  Perhaps there was more to come.

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  1. She sure seems attractive. I wonder if she will be forbidden to him tonight.

    1. She is a powerful lady... thanks for stopping by.

    2. Which makes her forbidden until she decides otherwise, right?

  2. inticing. I'm definitely intrigued by this snippet.

  3. Great hook and I love the cover. :)