Thursday, 24 April 2014

I Received Gifts from #WorldBookNight, Hooray!

I am a Very Bad Author. I totally missed World Book Night, and after I had planned to get involved with a local event too! *smacks one's fingers very sharply*

I blame the children. Not in a bad way of course. I have simply been so distracted as a mother lately that my professional life has been put on hold. But that is all about to change. My books must be written, edited, distributed and read. And that is my job.

Yesterday my friend and her son took me and my daughters out for a day trip. We visited the town of New Brighton on the Wirral, and despite the rain we had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. We certainly plan to return for a beach day when the weather improves. And the town also gave me ideas for new stories, which is fabulous.

On the way home we were hungry and tired, and on impulse we stopped at the Chef and Brewer Blue Cap pub in Northwich. It is near my home but I have never been for a meal. I highly recommend it. The service was excellent, the meal was yummy, and the price was very reasonable.

Quite by chance we were approached by a lady sitting at a nearby table. So preoccupied with our children were we, that my friend and I never even saw the table full of brand new books situated near to the main entrance of the pub. We had no idea it was World Book Night. That was until we were offered a stack of free books, which we duly accepted very gratefully!

Now, when will I find the time to read all of these new treasures? I have no idea, but I will do it...

*Image of New Brighton seafront courtesy of Liverpool Pictorial

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