Thursday, 26 April 2018

Guest Author Ron C Nieto

Grab yourself a high-octane paranormal romance
Ron writes paranormal and urban fantasy, and myth and folklore is her favorite sandbox. She loves taking an old tale and giving it a new spin, and her latest project is an action-packed adventure full of romance and magic based on Irish myth! Here’s a look at the cover and a peek at the blurb:

They say power makes monsters out of men, so what will an ancient artifact of near-absolute power make of a monster?
The race is on for Aisling. With her place within the Fianna in question, she must enlist the help of Ancient History professor Ronan O’Neill to make sure that the Spear of Lugh, one of the four Irish Treasures and reputed to grant victory to whichever side wields it in battle, doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. She just never thought that there would be so many “wrong hands” vying for it, or that the professor she had started to feel attracted to would have quite such a big secret to hide…
Want to join this couple with mad chemistry in the ride of a lifetime? Then click over to join the team. You can get your copy early, access exclusive extra content, get the audiobook at a special price… Don’t miss it!

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