Monday, 16 April 2018

Hiding in my Box Fort

There is a box fort in my dining room. I am serious! We are accumulating a rather impressive pile of boxes displaying an array of company logos. They are a mixture of our previous home deliveries, and boxes that my husband brought home from work. And why do we need these boxes? Take a wild guess… you are correct! We are moving to a new house!

Needless to say, my work routine will be a little chaotic during the next month or so. We don’t yet have a fixed date for moving, indeed we are still in the throes of surveys, official land tests, and all the other important documents that our solicitors need to produce and mull over. But we finally have a “sold” sign outside our house, and our new home is ready and waiting. I am so excited. It has taken me five years to reach this point (my husband doesn’t like change), and I will be very happy to be in a bigger home, with more space, and the possibility of creating my very own garden office at some point in the future. Have a great week, my friends!

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