Wednesday, 25 May 2022

#BookReview Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson

Sometimes it takes a stranger to really know who you are.

My Review

I loved this book, and it has to be my most favourite of the year so far!

I was a little confused when I began reading and realised that the whole story is told in the form of letters between two people. How could you write a whole book based on that format? Quite easily, as it turns out. We learn about Tina and Anders through their correspondence, and we learn about their families, their social circles, the world and the cultures that they grew up in, all wrapped up in reference to archaeology and the nature of what makes us human.

It was nice to read something from characters that are older than we usually find, because they can talk from experience, and we can relate to it. I could easily see Tina in people that I have known and do know and understand how her life happened around her almost by accident.

The book left me feeling warm and fuzzy, but also gave me some serious subjects to think about and apply to my own life as I grow older.

You must read this book!

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