Saturday, 8 December 2012

Review: Forged by Greed – Angela Orlowski-Peart

Here is my review of Forged By Greed - Book 1 - by Angela Orlowski-Peart:

A love story of magical proportions!

 I really enjoyed this book, although I would say it picks up more towards the end. In the beginning I struggled to get involved with the characters, but that may be due to its Young Adult setting and glamorous location (at least for someone from the North of England!). My favourite characters were Jatred and Crystal. I am definitely a Winter kid at heart! Anyway, if you want a supernatural story that’s a little bit different, I recommend you try this one out. There are shape shifters, Goddesses, and ancient magic and folklore that really get the imagination racing! It was generally well written and you can feel the love from the author on every page.


  1. Catherine, thank you for reading and reviewing Forged by Greed, and for taking time to post your review on multiple sites. Readers like you make all the difference in author's life. Thank you :-)

  2. You are very welcome Angela, it was my pleasure!