Wednesday, 14 August 2013

#ReadMe Young Adult Werewolf Tension in My New Master #HDH

Hello and welcome to the Hump Day Hook. Here is an excerpt from my published short story telling the tale of how Redcliffe wolf lieutenant Simon Bunce became the beast he is today…This is taken from My New Master.

            You might be gay Simon Bunce but you will not disobey me.  I am offering you a great gift.  If you join my family here I will offer you protection and excitement.  Isnt that what you want? 
            Now I was confused.  What was she talking about?  I suddenly wondered if she was completely sane.  My mother had been psychologically damaged and I recognized the signs in Maries behavior.  I swallowed nervously then stepped back away from the door and spoke in a calm voice.  
            “Ok Marie I am sorry but Im not quite sure what you mean.  Yes I would love to be bar manager but I will not give you any sort of intimate relationship.  You are a beautiful and attractive woman but I am only attracted to men, do you understand that?
             She smiled and then laughed, throwing back her head.  When she spoke her voice had changed, it was deeper, almost a growl, and I was suddenly frightened as my instinct kicked in. 
            “Oh Simon it is such a shame.  Are you sure though?  Perhaps you havent found the right woman yet?  Perhaps you need a woman rather than a girl?
            I tried to move towards the door again. 
            “Marie thanks again but maybe I should go home.  We can talk in the morning, ok? 
            I opened the door and jumped as I almost walked right into another man.  He was gorgeous!  He was tall, about my height, with dark hair and amazing blue eyes.  He smiled. 
            “I am sorry did I startle you?  I was looking for Marie, is she here? 
            I smiled and nodded, stepping to the side so he could walk past me.  Before I could walk away Marie spoke again. 
            “Simon dont go.  Please come back into the office, I want you to meet my friend! 

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  1. Wow, Simon seems to be a little bit tense. It's a nice gender twist to see a guy being uncomfortable because of a girl hitting on him then the other way around.

    1. Thank you Linda, that's what I thought. Simon is a great character, and quite central to my Redcliffe Novels series as well...

  2. Awesome excerpt! I hope to see more of it :)