Monday, 15 January 2018

Indulging my Inner Vamp

I have been making lots of new friends across social media recently, and they have reminded my about why I write vampire stories. I have always felt deeply passionate and intrigued about the culture and folklore of vampires, and yes, there is a sexual element to that. I feel the need to express those dark and dangerous thoughts that lurk beneath my innocent exterior, and vampires and werewolves provide the perfect platform to vent my frustrations.

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One of my earlier vampire novels is in desperate need of a little love… It is called The Darkness of Love, and came about purely as a spin-off from the Redcliffe novels series. I introduced a vampire named Marcus Scott, and he was supposed to be a supporting character. He proved rather too confident and forceful, however, and he tormented my dreams until I wrote his story. The Darkness of Love is set in Victorian England, and tells the story about how Marcus Scott became a vampire. There is sex, blood and violence. You have been warned… and titillated!

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