Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Merry Summer Solstice!

🌞Solstice Blessings, my pagan friends, and to those of you down under, Merry Winter Solstice!🔥

Here is an excerpt from the short story, My Vampire Boyfriend, available in the anthology, My Vampire Boyfriend (A Redcliffe Anthology):

            Jack brought the boat ashore on a tiny beach about a mile around the headland from Redcliffe Bay. He leaped down into the shallow water and waded towards the sand, leaving me to follow. He was angry about my telepathic wandering with Danny. I didn’t blame him. I would be angry too if he did that to me. Sighing heavily, I gripped the side of the boat and climbed out, yelping in surprise when the freezing water hit my bare feet and ankles. Jack simply turned his face towards me and smirked, and I glared at him, cursing as I splashed noisily towards the beach.
            “Oh, you think this is funny, do you, Jack Mason?” I shouted as I moved, “Well, I’ll show you!”
            “Come and get me,” Jack taunted, spreading his arms wide and peering at me over the rim of his sunglasses, “Witch.”
            I could feel tremors of magical energy flitting through my body after my interaction with Danny. My fingertips seemed to shoot sparks out into the water, and it even appeared to bubble around me like a cooking pot. Jack stood watching me from further up the beach, and I saw his expression change as he sensed my magic flaring. I knew that when I returned his gaze, my eyes were glowing with green fire, and I smiled. Jack returned the smile, but this time I saw his fangs. He was warning me, but his intention had the opposite effect. I launched myself onto the beach, running towards him as fast as I could, harnessing some of his vampire energy to match his speed. He laughed and raced away from me, and I laughed wickedly, delighting in our game.
            Finally, I caught up with him, threw myself onto his back, and knocked him down onto the beach. We rolled around together as he crushed his lips to mine, gripping my head possessively, nipping me with his razor-sharp teeth. I rode him hard, ripping away his jeans and t-shirt, baring his white skin to the sun. He flinched a little, but I felt him draw on my magic to shield him, and I allowed it. He was my vampire, and I would protect him. I lifted his sunglasses, blocking the sun with my body, and I lost myself in his silver gaze.
            There was a cool wind blowing, a threat of rain in the air, but neither of us felt it, or even cared. Jack didn’t need warmth, and I was enveloped in my magic and the energy of the werewolves. It followed me out here, creeping around the bay from Redcliffe, oozing from the rock that towered above us. They were probably up there in the woods, stalking prey, sensing that I was below them. I didn’t seek them out. I simply welcomed their protection, and their power. 

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