Wednesday, 8 June 2022

When Jessica Met Marcus in Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel)

Marcus reached up to stroke my hair and I was suddenly alert, sobered by his inappropriate behaviour. I tried to push him away. 

Marcus please,” I said, trying not to sound feeble, “Im with Jack, I dont know what you are expecting.

“Shush, Jessica,” Marcus replied in a soothing tone, “Jack won’t mind. Trust me. 

He leaned his face close to me, and his body was firm and heavy. He was too strong for me to move. I tried to struggle but he pinned my arms at my sides. I began to panic. I tried to raise my voice, but my throat was hoarse, maybe from the alcohol. 

Marcus, stop,” I pleaded, “Please stop, youre hurting me!

I collapsed into blind panic as he lifted his head, his face pale, and his eyes wild. He opened his mouth and I tried to scream. He was going to bite me! Suddenly he was pulled away and slammed into the ground across the car park. I saw Danny standing before me. He glared at Marcus. 

What did we tell you?” he demanded, “She is with Jack; she is not yours to take. Leave us! 
👉 Excerpt from Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) Book 1 by Catherine Green.

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