Monday, 11 March 2013

My Daughter, the Bookworm

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK. I celebrated with a day out at our local craft and antique centre with my 2 year-old daughter, my younger sister and her partner. We love Dagfields Crafts and Antiques. Situated in the Cheshire countryside, close to the borders with Staffordshire and Shropshire, it is a hidden gem for bargain hunters. Well, not too hidden, since when we arrived at lunchtime the car park was full and the shops (barns) bustling with activity.

The main reason for our visit yesterday was a bookshop called Booklore. It is a wonderful place, a sanctuary. The shop sells second-hand, new and rare books of all descriptions. It also has a dedicated music room but I have never ventured to that part of the shop. I usually head straight for the New Age/Spiritual/Occult book section, because that is where I find a lot of my favourite and most useful non-fiction books.

As I mentioned before, we had my daughter with us. She is a precocious 2 year-old, full of enthusiasm and curiosity. I didn’t expect her to remain still for long in such a place, especially since we didn’t take her stroller with us. I was pleasantly surprised. We must have been in Booklore for over an hour, with me, my sister and her partner quickly becoming absorbed in our search for book bargains. My daughter picked up a very intellectual looking book, sat down on the floor, and proceeded to ‘read’ it!

Eventually she grew bored of that particular book, whereupon she decided to bring some selections for my sister. It was quite amusing to watch her scurry along to the crammed shelves, select a couple of paperbacks, and bring them over to thrust into my sister’s hands. Finally, my daughter decided that she had had enough of reading, and then she discovered she could run around the bookshelves in a circuit, which kept her entertained for a good ten minutes or so. Fortunately for us the shop was quiet so we didn’t disturb too many other customers!

I didn’t actually purchase a book in the end, which has to be a first for me. I finally realized that I have more than enough stacked up on my overflowing bookshelves at home, and so I exercised enormous restraint and self-control. It was hard though! My daughter had a lovely day, as did my sister and her partner. I always feel so much happier and more relaxed after a visit to Booklore. It is like my church I suppose…

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