Sunday, 6 June 2021

The Darkness of Love by Catherine Green

Today I share an excerpt from The Darkness of Love, where we see the young stable hand Marcus Scott caught in the act as he indulges in some very naughty fantasies about his mistress…

 “Good morning, Marcus.” chimed a beautiful feminine voice.

              Marcus jumped and dropped the grooming brush, embarrassment sending a flush to his cheeks as he saw the object of his affections framed in the doorway to the stables. 

            “Good morning my Lady,” he stuttered, “I am so sorry, I didn’t see you arrive.”  He ducked his head and she laughed gently and replied. 

            “It is alright Marcus,” she said, “I could see that you were daydreaming.  I trust it was a pleasant vision?” 

            It was Marcus’ turn to laugh, but with further embarrassment.  If only she knew! 

            “Yes my Lady, a most pleasant daydream,” he replied, “Penelope is all ready for you.  I will just fetch her saddle.” 



Delicious, isn’t he? Read more of Marcus in The Darkness of Love here.

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