Wednesday, 6 July 2022

A Vampire Reunion in Cornwall, England

 “Marcus Scott,” Amelia said in her smooth, seductive voice, “It has been too long.” And she embraced him in a passionate kiss, right there in the crowded bar.

Jessica stared wide-eyed at Danny, both rigid with anger and agitation. Amelia broke abruptly away from Marcus, stared deep into his eyes, and whispered something in his ear. He smiled and nodded, and then his expression changed. He pushed Amelia away from him and stood straighter, glancing round at the curious faces nearby. One glare from Marcus was enough to turn people’s attention back to their own groups. Danny cleared his throat.

“You are Amelia Richmond.” he said in a flat tone.

She turned to stare at him, her smile showing an arrogant disdain.
“Yes, I am,” she replied, looking Danny up and down, “And you are the allegedly immortal werewolf. Your reputation has grown widespread.”

Danny nodded, apparently unsurprised.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

🌞Excerpt from short story A Deadly Reunion - from My Vampire Boyfriend (A Redcliffe Anthology)

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