Monday, 4 July 2022

My Vampire Boyfriend (A Redcliffe Anthology) by Catherine Green

After a while we lay cuddled together on the beach. The sand was cold, hardly a tropical oasis, but it was still beautiful. Jack went to fetch a picnic from the boat, and he returned with a cool box full of food, a bottle of red wine, and a blanket for us to sit on. We shared a very normal, very human lunch, although Jack only drank the wine. He watched me eat, and we chatted about mundane things. I finally began to relax, and I felt my shoulders loosen just a little. I snuggled against his strong body, inhaling his scent, stroking his bare arm with my fingertips as I lay on my side with one arm flung across his chest.

“Do you remember what it was like,” I asked, “To be human?”

🌞Excerpt from the short story My Vampire Boyfriend, from My Vampire Boyfriend (A Redcliffe Anthology)

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